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What we like to know about each other


an email project

with form 7dR

and the Milford and Strayer Middle School in Quakertown, Pennsylvania

Students from the Strayer and Milford Middle School.

The Milford and Strayer Middle School are the two middle schools in the Quakertown Community School District. It consists of grades six, seven and eight. Milford Middle School has approximately 500 students. The StrayerMiddle School is much bigger.

It has almost 1500 students.

Milford Middle School is located in a rural setting and rests on a forty-acre campus about three miles from Quakertown. Milford Middle School is structured around the team concept. Presently, each grade has two core subject teams. A wide variety of specials courses are an important part of the curriculum as well. Many opportunities exist for

students to participate in after school

academic enrichment, athletics, and performing arts.























Students from the Fürst-Johann-Ludwig-School: Form 7dR

We exchanged e-mails discussing everyday life of teenagers in the two countries.


Letter 1: Introducing ourselves

Letter 2: My home, family and friends

Letter 3: My school

Letter 4: My hobbies and interests


We spent almost 4 weeks on the project.

We started our project on May 18, 2005. In the first letter we said ‘Hello’ and introduced ourselves to our new key pals. We learned how to write an appropiate letter in english. Our second letter was about our home, family and friends. It was much easier to write about our friends than to write about our family. The third letter was about our school. We described our favourite subjects, our teachers and what we like/don’t like about our school. In our last letter we wrote about our hobbies and interests.

The project was very cool. I had two key pals: Sam and Brittany! Sam and Brittany are 14 years old like me. Sam plays basketball and it seems that we have the same interests. During our project I learned that Amerian pupils are similar to German pupils. We like music, sports and to hang out with friends. Our school systems are different. I have the feeling that I know now more about american teenagers.

Darline, 7dR

The name of my key pal is Clint Peters and he is fourteen years old. He lives in Quakertown, Pennsylvania.

He has one brother and one sister. He will soon be getting his own room, so he doesn´t have to share it with his brother. Clint hasn’t got animals but he he likes animals.

His hobbies are: to ride a bike, to play piano and to play badminton or volleball. He often listens to music.

He doesn´t do a lot with his friends in in his free time because he is in school until 2:45 p.m.

Lisa, 7dR


My key pal’s name is Jessica and she is 14 years old. Her hair colour is light brown and her eye colour is hazel. She lives in Quakertown. That’s a town in Pennsylvania. She lives in the USA. She goes to Strayer Middle school and is in year 7. Her favourite subjects are math, physical education and

science. Her favourite teacher is Mr Storm. Her grades are good. She has B’s. Jessica is half German.

She does a lot of sports but her favourite sport is soccer. She has two sisters and a brother.

                                                                              Patrick, 7dR


The name of my key pal is Asha Patel and she is 14 years old. She is from Quakertown, Pennsylvania/USA. Her eyes are dark brown and her hair is also dark brown.

She is not big and not small. She was born in Quakertown. Her nickname is Ash and her

hobbies are sports, to read books, to watch TV, to eat and to look out of the window.


Her mum and dad are 44 years old. She has got 2 sisters. Her mum’s  family is very big, she  has 10 aunts, 2 uncles and about 30 cousins. Her mother has got 10 sisters!!!

Asha has got a dog, a German Shepard. His name is Tuffy and he is only 4 months old.


In her school are about 1500 pupils and the name of her chool is Richard E. Strayer Middle School. The school starts at 7:45 am and ends at 2:45 pm. Her favourite subjects are English, Math and Science. Her favourite teachers are Mr. Jarett, Mrs. Basett, Mrs. Halleman and Miss Stoudt. Asha is a very good student. She has got A’s an B’s.

Daniel, 7dR

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02.05.2005 e-Mail-Projekt der Klasse 7dR

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